Friday, May 11, 2012

Third Party?

   The potential of a third political party is a concept that many feel might be a positive factor in the broken politics of our country.  Here is a quick and efficient way to extinguish that interest:

Americans Elect's CEO, Kahlil Byrd, says voters are frustrated with Obama's and Mitt Romney's "complete lack of focus on the issues that people care about," including jobs, the economy, the debt and foreign policy.

And there it is!  You're dead to me.  Yes, the Republican party has become nothing more that a  money funneling conspiracy, and their candidate Mitt Romney is pledged to their perverse, society destroying ideals expressed in the Ryan Budget. 

On the other hand, Democrats and President Obama are overtly dedicated to job creation, the economy, and debt and foreign policy. And this while Republicans orchestrate what is likely the most obtuse obstructionism in the history of this government, blocking any action they can on these critical and urgent issues. 

For an organization such as Americans Elect that has raised millions of dollars and attained somewhat of a national stage, to levy those accusations on not just Republicans, but upon Obama and Democrats is a laughable farce.

However it's not at all funny that another organization joins Republicans in trumpeting misinformation and lies.  That is precisely what we created this nation-wide radio station to combat!

Press the play button Kahlil.

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