Saturday, May 12, 2012


                                       Tim Tebow

This just bothers me.  That is a second string quarterback some 4 months before football season even starts, and it reminds me that Zbigniew Brzezinski in a recent interview called Americans "the least informed public in the modern world".  It pains me to think of the priorities shown in this photo, while so many Americans are so staggeringly uninformed about...  well pretty much anything else.

How about new aggressive and blatantly (target demographically) suppressive voter ID laws in 14+ states?  How about the 'Citizens United' Supreme Court decisions that allows limitless and anonymous campaign funding, domestic or foreign?  Does 'Joe Six Pack' know the factors he is surrounded by that can so swiftly shape the priorities, and the spirit of our nation?

"I just go out there every single day and compete as much as I can and try to be a great teammate". Great Tim, thanks.

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