Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Republican Operations

While compiling audio for a soon to be kick-ass Democrats Radio Station, the philosophy and undeniably evil motives of Republicans has become clearer to me than ever before.

When approaching any issue or topic, the modern Republican party playbook assesses the issue wielding the following criteria and motives: 

1) Where does this issue intersect with commerce, and how can I exploit it to funnel money at myself?

2) What tactics will I deploy to galvanize the base to the conspiracy, and what tactics will confuse and misdirect an uninformed populous (swing voter?) into acting on our behalf instead of their own?

3) What will the 'title' of this be, the positioning statement that will cement and inflame the passion of the misinformed?  Ex. Death Panel, Clear Skies Initiative, Operation Iraqi Freedom, etc.

4) Collect money.

If you're a Republican and are sincerely offended by this, welcome back from your 20 year coma.  Snap out of it.  Your party has been hijacked, and you've got work to do.